BIZZZ is dedicated to Professional Services firms : lawyers, accountants, consultants, advisors, tax, finance & investment managers,…

BIZZZ generates referrals and clients.

BIZZZ is the new generation of business development

Why it works

Easy. You get pragmatic BIZZZ support for an affordable annual plan.

Effective. BIZZZ accelerates your business. You don’t waste time in unproductive cocktails, conferences, dinners, travels.

Innovative. BIZZZ is different than your traditional tools (networks, media, publications,…) but complete them perfectly

Private & Confidential. All communication and business generated by BIZZZ is yours and only directed to you.

Introductions are made by Senior Managers in trade, investment, M&A, dealmaking, events,…

Roadshows conducted
Referrals generated
Professionals in CRM

What you get


Organisation of professional B2B meetings with prospects anywhere you go. We arrange a face to face meeting with decision-makers interested in your services.

  • Your time is value –You meet 5 key decision-makers per day.
  • Power of introduction– We arrange the meetings and introduce you with reinforced credibility.
  • Reaching your goal – You receive our roadshow methodology and advice for success
  • Briefing – We assess your needs before the roadshow
  • Profiling – We define together the profile of the Decision-Makers you want to meet
  • Screening – We submit you a preliminary list of contacts
  • Matching – You choose the prospective contacts

Flexibility – You arrange the schedule of the meetings

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Give us a target client or let us suggest one. We connect you directly with them. You give us an ambitious but realistic list of prospects and we apply our business model, datas and connections to facilitate the introduction between you and them. We identify the relevant decision-maker (area, seniority, position,…) and connect you. Once the door is opened, you can promote your services.

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No need to pay expensive fees to networks, we get you directly to their members. Many networks only accept one member firm by state. If your firm is a member, you don’t have to limit yourself to one network. We connect you with their members who might need a new or second best friend in your country/city.

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Local Partner

Become the local correspondent of the leading professional firms in the world. International law firms, Big Four accountancy firms,… might not have a dedicated correspondent in your city. We have and source the relevant contact (Head of country Desk), to connect you with the Top 10 or Top 20 global firms.

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Practice Specialist

We find the right partners in your niche, practice or industry. Your business is increasingly specialized. We make sure you do not lose time and energy to speak with unrelevant prospects. We connect you with the right intermediary (Head of Practice).

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Reference Letter

We recommend you to Awards directories, rankings and leagues. Clients like to confirm their choice for an advisor by checking them in guidebooks and listings. We know how they work. We support your submission and their research by sending them an ad hoc independent recommendation letter. This puts you in their spotlight or help confirm your status as recommended or highly recommended advisor.

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Digital Due Diligence

Get a professional diagnostic on all external spots and on how clients or prospects see you. Our business experts assess all resources available on you and your firm (brochures, web site, social media, datas available on the internet, …) and carry an independent SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). We report on your status and suggest actions to improve and boost your business and generate more profit.

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Business Leads

We remit you the “IBPL” : the International Business Plan for Professional Leads”. The IBPS entails powerful intelligence to generate business leads for Professional firms. It is drafted by some of the leading authorities in the market. The Business Plan upgrades your business competences with the latest methodology including social media, tech, networking,… The Business Plan is exclusive for BIZZZ subscribers. A pragmatic tool you can keep on your desk.

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Access our consultancy team all year long. We have a team of marketing and business consultants based in EMEA, America, Asia.

Included in your package are several hours of consultancy on-line or hotline to discuss any business query you have or make sure you get the best of your Plan, roadshows and matchmaking.

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What they say

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Corporate solution

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All benefits could be extended and adapted to your firm at a better rate.

BIZZZ provides you with a specific firmwide solution.

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