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Professional firms & coronavirus: you can still save your business year

BIZZZ – An innovative marketing solution to get around the corona crisis

How will your turnover be “infected” ? No law firm or accounting firm started 2020 anticipating revenues would be down 25% with the worldwide spread of coronavirus (Covid 19). Professional firms should consider the potential negative impact, but also not miss opportunities created by this disruptive situation.

At a time when firms are closing branches, requiring associates to work from home and cancelling events, partners can still raise their head above the cloud and anticipate their business development for 2020.

The real impact of Corona on your firm

The business development of independent professional firms is mainly based on peer to peer meetings at large conferences. Lawyers and accountants exchange during seminars and events organized by their traditional networks or event management companies.

The massive cancellation of events and the fear to delegate your best professionals to places where they could get infected, heavily impacts the origination of referrals.

This is particularly impactful for firms dealing internationally. International clients are usually more remunerative than domestic clienteles and international conferences are a must.

Traditional legal and tax networks will be substantially impacted as their main pitch to their members is to organize annual conferences to socialize and exchange business. Coronavirus is bringing down the value of their membership.

How to get around Corona ?

The main issue with the epidemy is that it prohibits you to attend key conferences or participate in mass events. Corona cuts off your traditional source of networking.

The way to go around it, is to evolve from mass networking into individual “matchmaking”. You must avoid the crowds where mass fishing is now irrelevant to precisely target prospects during one-to-one meetings. Prospects would be keener to welcome you at their office or through the digital instruments offered by communication technology that join you at an event.

A revolutionary instrument comes now to market that precisely enables that: BIZZZ. (

BIZZZ is business development accelerator focusing on generating referrals through matchmaking. It offers you a specific itinerary to potential clients aligned to what you offer. BIZZZ is the new generation of business development based on market intelligence and the power of introduction.

BIZZZ was created by entrepreneurs in Marketing and Tech who have been advising Professionals for 25 years.

They accumulated a unique experience and created a system that gives you thousands of hours of networking instantly. BIZZZ connections built up over decades and the unique data management system ensure matchmaking between you and the buyers of legal, tax, corporate, financial, investment, estate,… services.

If your business was centered on heavily infected markets like China or Italy, a product like BIZZZ makes you agile enough to develop a flow of business from alternative markets.

The Corona crisis only brings the positive effect that it pushes you to refresh your business development.


Laurent Marliere is a Partner with BIZZZ,  , The business accelerator for professionals.

He can be contacted: