Who is BIZZZ

BIZZZ was created by entrepreneurs in Marketing and Tech.

We have been advising Professionals for 25 years, we know your specificity and your clients.

Are you tired of spending hours at receptions ? Begging your managing partner for travel money ? Sitting at boring dinners with irrelevant people ? Paying useless memberships ? 

We have done that before, we learned from it and today we offer you a solution based on our unique expertise in Business Development.

Our team is composed of senior experts.

We have accumulated a unique experience. We value this huge personal asset. We give you thousands of hours of networking instantly. We are your personal back-office.

Our connections built up over decades and our unique data management system ensure matchmaking between you and the buyers of legal, tax, corporate, financial, investment, estate,… services.

Who uses it

  • Partners in firms with not enough marketing staff or resources
  • Partners willing to develop independently their business
  • Partners or firms willing to go international
  • Partners willing to enhance the quality of their clientele
  • Associates willing to generate their own business
  • Marketing managers willing to get extra business development support
  • Marketing managers willing to get immediate results
  • Firms willing to modernize their networking
  • Firms seeking a quick way to market
  • Independent firms willing to benefit from networks without formal affiliations
  • New firms willing to compete against larger players at fair costs
  • Niche firms willing to consolidate their client base
  • Network Managers willing to offer extra services to their members

Corporate solution

All benefits you enjoy could be extended to your firm at a better rate.

BIZZZ provides you with a tailor-made firmwide solution.

Write to info@bizzz.me to have a call with our Corporate team.

Make money with BIZZZ

Recommend us a client and get 50% off your subscription or invoice us a success fee.

We love business development and we understand the power of introduction and referral.

If you recommend BIZZZ to a client who subscribes to our plans, you get 50% off your upcoming subscription. If you are not a BIZZZ subscriber, you are entitled to get a 30 % success fee on the plan purchased by all clients you recommended.

Mail us for more info info@bizzz.me

Partner with BIZZZ

You are a service provider to Professionals. We are interested to talk to you.

Our business-minded clients might be interested in your services or products.

Let’s explore synergies.

Mail us  info@bizzz.me


We’re backed by some of the world’s leading investors.

Interested to get a valuable share ? Order our Investor’s Package.

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Email us: info@bizzz.me